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´╗┐Getting Organized with Employment Agencies


Whether it's a temporary or permanent position, employment agencies can be an excellent source for locating work. Also known as placement agencies, these priceless resources have connections with companies of all types and sizes. Positions can range from part time to full time, temporary to permanent. Individuals who contact employment agencies to find work can be placed in just the right vocation in just the right industry. However, at the same time one must also pay a fee to the agency for this service. Depending on the agency, the fees will either be paid up front or deducted from the employee's salary.

The first employment agency was started over one hundred years ago and the idea has been in use ever since. Now, there are several different categories of this type of organization. Some kinds of employment agencies offer general or industrial labor; others specialize in executive employment. When it is companies that have projects that require temporary workers, they usually contact a staffing agency. When the company in need contacts the staffing agency, workers are not responsible for any fees. The company pays the staffing agency for their service and the staffing agency pays the worker. Positions can be full time, part time or seasonal. A temporary position can last for several days or several months.

Employment agencies offer a number of services. They may be responsible for everything from screening employees to recruiting those with specific job skills. In some cases they can be used as a company's human resource department. Not to be left out, agencies also offer a number of options to jobseekers as well. For example, in temp to hire positions a person placed in a temporary slot can be hired on permanently after a certain amount of days. If the company does not find a person's skills suitable for the job, he or she can move on to the next assignment. There are some who prefer to keep their work situations temporary.

Employment agencies can be found in nearly every large city on the map. While some are small and work with businesses in the immediate and neighboring areas, others span nationwide. Since certain types of jobs can call for certain types of employees, those who have specific skills or vocations often choose to go with specialized agencies. Medical or IT staffing agencies know the ins and outs of their industries and can do better at making sure both companies and employees are compatible. They know what licenses and certifications are needed and can ensure that each employee is qualified to carry out the required job duties.

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