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What’s in Store for You with Employment Screening?


You pass your resume online or you personally submitted your resume to the human resource head, then you undergo preliminary interviews, made to take some examinations and again made to undergo some interviews. These are but some of the few steps that you will normally experience once you apply for a vacant position in one company. After these steps, you are then made to wait for the results. But the work for the hiring manager does not stop there. Rather, the hiring manager or any member of the human resource department need to review your credentials and you will be made to undergo what the industry calls an employment screening.

Simply put, employment screening is more like a background check that the company will conduct on their prospective employees. Future employees will be the reason why the company will prosper in the coming years, or the opposite could be true and these same employees will be the cause of all the companies’ troubles in the future. This is the reason why, companies right now will incorporate an employment screening in their selection process.

There are some reasons why there is a need to conduct an employment screening. For one, companies need to check the personal backgrounds of the applicants. Do some of these applicants have a criminal record? Are some of these applicants regular job-hunters, jumping from one job to the other? By means of a trusted and a reliable employment screening, job applicants that are worthy can be separated from those applicants that will not contribute well to the performance of the company but will only serve as excess baggage for the company. Accurate background checks of the prospective employees will reveal the previous convictions and if applicable, the fabricated educational and employment credentials of the applicants.

Since the past performance and educational credentials of the applicants can serve as an indicator of future performance, the opposite can be true as well. Past poor performance on the previous jobs, plus below-average performance in the university can spell the future performance of the applicants in the company. And what more if the education and the work credentials are fabricated? This is where the employment screening comes in handy. Employment screening will make sure that you can get the best and the most suitable person for the vacant position without falling into the trap of hiring all the wrong ones. Hiring decisions should be based on factual data and information, and it is the role of the employment screening department to supplement the human resource’s available data and information.

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