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Know What’s Included in Employment Screening Services

You have probably heard or have been subject to or even made use of employment screening services. However, there are a number of people who have no clue about what is included in employment screening services. Some people are not aware about what goes on with employment screening services.

Due to safety and security reasons, companies continue to require employees to submit to an employment background check or screening. Though some employees or applicants may feel it is an invasion of their privacy, it is a necessary process that will keep companies free from worries of negligent hiring lawsuits. On the other hand, as an employee or applicant, you should know about your privacy rights. There are certain limitations from which a company may know of. Read more about employment screening services to know which information can be asked from you and which are supposed to for your eyes only.

There are varying background reports being done by companies conducting employment screening services. There is the verification of the social security number of the applicant while some gets into a detailed account of history and acquaintances of the applicant or employee. At the same time, because of the popular of social networking websites like Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, etc., employers are already checking profiles of the employee or would be employee through such ways.

Take note that employment screening services gather information that is mostly public records that were created by government agencies. This information could be your personal records like vehicle registration, credit records, and criminal records. Other than that, Social Security Number, education records, court records, and compensation may be checked as well. In addition, some companies also check on medical records and bankruptcy history. Some companies do referencing and may interview neighbors as well. They usually ask for your past employers and personal references. Properties are sometimes asked. They also check if you have incarceration records, sex offender lists, state licensing records, or military records. Drug tests may also form part of employment screening services.

Now that you know the information that may be asked from you, here is the information that should not be included in employment screening services. Depending on the state that you work, there may be stronger laws that limit what is included in a background check just like in the state of California. These are what should not be included in an employment screening report:

• Bankruptcies over 10 years
• Civil suits, judgments, records of arrest and other negative information that are over 7 years
• Paid tax liens over 10 years

To learn more information specific to your state, you should contact the office of consumer affairs or the employment agency in your state.

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