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The Need for Prioritization on Screening Employment of New Employees


Human resource is one of the keys in making sure that the company will prosper, and with a good set of employees working for a company, performance and productivity is not far behind. But remember as well that the opposite is true, human resource can also be the reason why businesses will fail. That is why, it is important that a proper selection be in place and one such step in ensuring that a candidate is worth taking in is through screening. Employment is important so that is why it would be best that a screening be held to get the best, to remove the chaff from the grain.

By resorting to screening, employment managers can surely get the best. The screening process will offer hiring managers valuable insight into the employees’ or the candidates’ educational history, criminal records, achievements and past work experiences. Though hiring managers will be provided with a comprehensive resume, of course human resource managers will not simply take the contents of the comprehensive resume as gospel truth.

There will be times that the resume’ will be garnished by half-truths and it is the role of the human resource managers to spot these. Through the help of reliable screening, employment managers can readily confirm if one entry on the resume is worth a second look or should be disregarded. Take the case of the educational attainment that is a regular fixture on resumes. There will be times that a number of applicants will add false or misleading information and once this manufactured information have remained unnoticed, the performance of the employee will be questionable in the company and the operations and the integrity of the company can be jeopardized.

Another thing that is worth looking into and one reason why there is a need for screening is to know if the candidate has a criminal record. Thanks to rigorous process of screening, employment managers will have an idea if the candidate has a criminal record or has a pending case in court. It will make sure that the company will be free from habitual law-breakers and will save the company from inconveniences in the near future.

Past work experiences are also benchmarks in choosing the right people for the job. And through screening, employment managers can double check if the candidates have truly worked at the companies that were listed in their resume. Past job performance will serve as an indication if the candidates will perform well in the company and it is the role of screening procedures such as this to verify if indeed the information that was included in paper is true or not.

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