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Find Out Why Employment Background Screening Is Necessary

It is common for a company to do an employment background screening before hiring an employee. Sometimes, even when you are already working for a company and get promoted to a higher position, companies still do an employment background screening. At the same time, there are certain jobs in which an employment background screening is required by federal or state law. You may wonder why you are being asked to submit to an employment background screening. All the reasons behind just revolves around the security and safety reasons of the company.

Your employers or would be employers ask you to submit yourself to an employment background screening simply because they are being cautious. On the other hand, some employees or applicants are afraid to submit to an employment background screening simply because the employer may dig into something from their past that may or may not affect their being hired or promoted even if it has nothing to do with the current job. Here are the reasons why a company conducts an employment background screening.

Some jobs may not require an employment background screening while in other jobs, it is mandatory. The reason is because the number of negligent hiring lawsuits is increasing nowadays. The employer may be liable for their employees’ actions depending on the situation. There is a high probability of a lawsuit waiting to happen. That threat is the number one reason why companies are very cautious about the employee’s past. What has he or she done previously that can reflect what he or she can do? If there’s a case that happens in the future, the reputation and the company’s budget is at stake. It will also ruin the career of the official who hired that employee.

Another reason for conducting employment background screening is due to the number of current events that has happened in recent years. Take for example the number of child abuse and abductions that has risen over the years. Employees who are working with children are now required by federal and state law to submit to an employment background screening. The terrorists’ attacks of 9/11 in the United States have also resulted in a tight employment background screening.

Another reason behind employment background screening is because of the statistics that around 30 to 40 % of all job applications or resumes in the United States alone include some false information. This is why employers are now cautious about any applicants’ word.

Today, the world is in its information age. This caused companies to require employment background screening as well. The computer database of each and every company that contains the personal data of clients or customers as well as the company employees are at stake if they don’t screen their employees. Who knows if an employee’s purpose in getting that job is to get a hold of the company’s database?

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