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Read this Employment Background Screening Handbook for Job Applicants

This employment background screening handbook provides basic tips and guides on how to prepare for employment background screening. At the same time, this employment background screening handbook will give you information on what information companies need to know from you. Learn which information should not be reported in such background checks by reading this employment background screening handbook.

You are probably reading this employment background screening handbook because you are in the phase of searching for a job. If you have already been scheduled for an interview, better read this now and know what you have to do to prepare before you are subject to an employment background screening.

First and foremost, know that companies conduct employment background checks for safety and security reasons. Put your feet in your employer’s shoes. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who has a pending criminal case, right? You don’t want to hire someone who has a background on stealing from his or her previous company. Add that to the increasing incidents of terrorism, company scandals, and negligent hiring among other things, all the more that you want to make sure you won’t be the next victim. Thus employment background screening is important.

On the other hand, this employment background screening handbook enables you to learn your privacy rights. You should be aware that most of the information that will be gathered are public records that were created by the government agencies. Such information would be driving record, educational records, court cases, medical information, credit reports, criminal records, social security number, worker’s compensation, character references, bankruptcy, properties, neighbor interview, state licensing records, military records, drug test records, personal references, previous employers, and incarceration records or sex offender lists among others. You may say that some of this is confidential. Yes, they are. But companies will request permission from you. And only until you agree would the organizations involved in releasing these records provide the company conducting the background check.

You may say that you have no choice because if you don’t submit yourself to such background check, the company may not hire you. That is true. If you have nothing to hide, then why not just allow them to do so. Do not worry that your records may be used for identity theft or if it feels like invading your privacy. Not all will be reported during a background check. Usually, records that are more than seven years are no longer checked. At the same time, credit report checks would not affect your credit score. It will not place an inquiry in your file. In the same manner, they won’t see your birth date and credit score.

If you’d like to learn about all of the privacy rights that you are entitled to, check out www.privacyrights.org. This employment background screening handbook can only provide limited information. Check with your state’s credit bureau or consumer reporting agency for more information.

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