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Contract of Employment: Protecting Yourself


When you start a new job, there are certain things that you must go through. For instance, you end up filling out a lot of paperwork that the company gives to you. One of the most essential pieces of paperwork is the contract of employment. If you are only planning on paying attention to one of these papers, this should be the one. The contract of employment states all of the terms of your work with the new company. It lists all of the relevant information pertaining to your employment there. If you have any questions about your wages or benefits, most of your questions can be answered by reading the contract.

Aren't sure if you have a contract of employment or if you filled one out at all? This is a common reaction to hearing about how important they are. If you are with a company for many years, you tend to forget about what happened when you first got there. Still, there may be an incident in which it would help to take a look at what you agreed to on the contract of employment that you signed. For example, you might expect to be getting a certain amount of paid vacation time, but the human resources department disagrees with the amount of time. To settle the issue, you should get a hold of your contract, which will usually list this kind of thing.

If you look through your paperwork and don't find a copy of the contract, don't fret. You most likely did fill one out and sign it when you first started, since it benefits both you and the company you are working for. If you contact your manager or the human resources department yourself, you can request a copy of the contract of employment. Although a lot of companies will do this for you for free, some will charge you for making a copy. This is especially the case if you want them to send it to you in any quick manner.

As you can see, employment contracts are really beneficial to have. If you are starting with a new company, you should ensure that you are getting that type of security. Be wary of companies who don't have a contract of employment for you to sign. You may end up losing some of your benefits and you won't have any recourse to fight for those back. It really is just a good idea to fill one of these out. Pretty much all companies who use them require you to sign; you really have no choice. Don't worry, though. It benefits you just as much as them.

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